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AP15 79960-01

The Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Audio Processor is designed for office professionals who need to use their corded headset with their desk phone and PC. It features AudioIQ DSP-powered multiband compression, and noise and echo reduction algorithms designed for contact centers that require high sound clarity. The AP15 optimizes call quality by compensating for degraded signal strength, reducing noise levels, and maintaining a consistent and comfortable listening volume. Paired with a Plantronics headset, the VistaPlus AP15 ensures greater listening accuracy, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

$150.00 $160.00

– Multiband Compression for Audio Accuracy
– AudioIQ Automatic Noise Adjustment
– Noise Reduction
– Background Noise Compensation
– Echo Cancellation
– Convenient Controls
– Supports Single and Multi-Line Phones

Category: Headset Amplifiers

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